Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.
Ogden Nash, "Reflections on Ice-Breaking" (1959)

Carlton Club

The Carlton Club is on 11th Street and Duss Avenue.

The photos show lighting levels that are higher than normal. The place is usually dark. Management and the customers allowed the photographer enough light for his work.

The Carlton is a class operation. The men are in suits and ties and the band in tuxedos.

The Group

Does the reader recognize grandmother or great grandmother?

We can guess that these revelers did not come paired since they are not sitting as couples would. Note the man and woman in the back right corner. We will see more of them later.

The Balcony

A dance floor is essential but limits the downstairs seating. The  balcony allows for a larger crowd and provides a more intimate setting than the downstairs booth.

The Couple

John Wujs and his friend demonstrate the utility of the balcony.

We saw them in the first picture sitting with the group. John cut her from the herd and now they are upstairs tending to some serious business

The Dance

Considering the dancers' moves, the music must be "Stella By Starlight."

The couples on the right are dancing the all time favorite step: cheek to cheek in a dark corner.

The Band

A live band is an essential part of the weekend scene. The juke box is used in the smaller clubs.

Some of the band members look young enough to be school age. When the kid musician developed skills and reputation, he found plenty of work.

Photo Credits: John Vachon, January 1941
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