Raking over the past and sifting its dust
is an occupation for the idle or the elderly retired.
Armand Hammer

Table of Contents


  1. Steel Workers Strike

Town Building

  1. Town Site
  2. Wheelers & Dealers
  3. Industrialization Begins
  4. Trolley System
  5. Ambridge 1920
  6. Industry Expands
  7. Wyckoff Cold Drawn Steel Co.
  8. National Electric Co.
  9. Merchant Street
  10. A Merchant Street Bar
  11. Neighborhood Grocery

The People

  1. Charles Kristufek
  2. Frank Wacht
  3. Out of Work
  4. Europeans
  5. Rusyns
  6. Benevolent Societies
  7. Bartenders
  8. Carlton Night Club
  9. Ambridge Cubs
  10. Children at Play
  11. Centennial
  12. John Duss
  13. Union Affairs


  1. Homes
  2. Grapes of Wrath
  3. More Grapes

"Golden Years"

  1. Progress
  2. J&L
  3. Baden
  4. Conway Yards
  5. The River

War Years

  1. Early Recollections
  2. Some People
  3. Shipbuilding
  4. LST 662


  1. Teen Years
  2. Where Away?


  1. Sources
  2. Photographer


To our grandchildren. This is just a glimpse of how it was ... there was more.

After mastering Dick and Jane, the reader of choice for Anthony Wayne School, I moved to the more timely The Daily Citizen, the newspaper of choice for the Ambridge Borough. The banner on the first page of this web site employs an Old English font, as did the newspaper. I use it here to remember the Citizen and the years of good reading.

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