Ambridge Reprise, Walter Wacht
Though all men be made of one metal,
yet they be not cast all in one mold.
John Lyly

Industrial Expansion

Pipe Mill

The Pipe Mill

It opened as The Standard Seamless Tube Company (1913), was later called Spang-Chalfant (1928), and then Armco Steel Corporation (1958).

The plant is located at the north end of Ambridge at 23rd Street and Duss Avenue. The offices are in the rectangular building with the hip roof (far right-center in the photo). The 1933 shooting between the strike breakers and the pickets occurred just across the railroad tracks near this building.

Ambridge Works

The industrial strip begins at 10th Street between Merchant Street and Duss Avenue. The following companies are listed in order, south to north. The last two, Porter and Byers are north, beyond the town line.

My father, Walter Wacht, worked for a short time at Central Tube after his 1924 graduation from Ambridge High School. He moved to the shipping department at Wyckoff and remained with the company for 45 years. He retired as Works Manager.

Photo Credit: Centennial Program
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