The parents' age must be remembered,
both for joy and anxiety.
Confucius, Analects

More Grapes

Barber Shop The residential-commercial mix was common in early Ambridge. The convenience of this neighborhood barber is essential for a society that considers the haircut a necessity and the automobile a luxury.

This alley separates buildings like those in the photo above. The attached wooden structures serve to keep the winter winds from chilling the living spaces.

Note the laundry. Very few people, if any, have washing machines and certainly none have driers. The dirty clothes are "boiled" in a wash tub, scrubbed over a corrugated wash board, wrung by hand, then dried on a line outside (weather permitting). The soap is lye based and often homemade. It is guaranteed to burn the hands.

Photo Credits: Arthur Rothstein, June 1938
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