Falling leaves return
to their roots.

Chinese Proverb

The Ambridge Reprise

Ambridge, Pennsylvania in the years 1900 - 1950

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Walter Wacht
AHS '49



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Steel Workers Strike

The photo was taken in 1933 near 23rd Street and Duss Avenue. The workers in the pipe mill (out of the picture to the right) are conducting a work stoppage.

The men with guns are strike breakers deputized by the local sheriff. Others in the group carry clubs. The pickets are unarmed and at least one will be killed in the coming violence.

The military will appear later. They will arrive by rail and march north (from the top left of the photo) toward the hostilities, passing in front of my house at 19th Street and Duss Avenue. The sounds of boots on the pavement will mark their passage.

I didn't see much of this. I was only a year old.

By the way, welcome to my world!

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