I would like to sit still for a while
but I'm restless you know and sitting still is only
an ideal like celibacy and complete cleanliness.
John Steinbeck, Travels with Charlie

Where Away?

Our Choices

Many members of town's third generation left home. Some went to college and found careers that were not needed in Ambridge. Some just wandered off.

Perhaps we yearned for a life in the sun or a new road to travel. Often decisions were not entirely our own.

My Choice

Walter Wacht

I was aimlessly moving through life when the Ambridge draft board felt I had other, more important things to do. The Korean conflict and the Cold War seemed to require my intervention.

The Navy taught me aviation skills and introduced me to the joy of finding new places.

Neither my grandfather nor my father quite understood this career choice

Photo Credits: U.S. Navy Photo, 1954

Aristides Stamulis speaks.

I have Ambridge, Pennsylvania on my mind
thinking of the people and the places that I knew.

I was Ambridge born and bred,
raised on iron, coal, and steel,
and fed with water from the beautiful river.

I have plans for going back to Ambridge town
but I never seem to have the time.
But when I do decide to go,
it won't be the town I knew,

For all the people and the places will be gone
and I'll rue that Ambridge town
is just a state of mind
and I can never go back to that hometown.

Aris Stamulis
Class of 1941

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