Who, after wine, talks of war's hardships or of poverty?
Horace, Odes, (23 B.C.)

A Merchant Street Bar

I am not positive, but I think this bar (or Beer Joint, in the vernacular) is located on the southeast corner of Merchant and Fourth Streets near the Bridge Company's offices. The angled front door is the clue. John Domansky places it at 12th and Merchant next to Slavick's grocery. It doesn't really matter because they all looked much the same.

At the bar Fort Pitt or Iron City beer is the beverage of choice, and for the hearty drinker, a shot of something from the Seagrams distillery is on the side ... but never on Sunday.
Card Game Pinochle is the time killer. It would be ten years before television would appear to offer a competing distraction.

Photo Credits: John Vachon, January 1940
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