The business of America is business.
Calvin Coolidge, January 1925

Merchant Street

There are no regional shopping centers. The heart of retail commerce lies between 4th and 8th Streets along Merchant Street. There are other smaller neighborhood centers, but they serve the daily needs.

It is also the social scene. We never walk the street without seeing someone we know.


This suffrage march took place in 1906. The trolley tracks and pavement were completed on January 1st  of that year.

Centennial Program

The photo was taken on a Sunday near 6th Street facing south on Merchant. The Pennsylvania "Blue Laws" prohibit Sunday sales, otherwise the street would be filled with people.


In 1950, the street has the same buildings but the  sign salesmen inflicted some changes.  The trolley tracks remain but the Beaver Valley motor bus line took over the route 25 years before.

Triangle Building

The triangle building is at Merchant Street and Beaver Road. The watertower in the lower right fronts on First Street. The street to the left leads to Fair Oaks.

Ambridge Hotel

The Ambridge Hotel is on the northwest corner of Eighth and Merchant Streets. It was razed sometime after 1950.

Borough Building

It was opened in 1910 at 10th and Merchant. All municipal services come from here.

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