All progress means war with Society.
George Bernard Shaw, Getting Married (1911)

National Electric Company

Less than 40 years ago, this was Mulberry Lane and the site of the Harmonities' romantic trysts.

We are on 14th Street, just a little downhill from Duss Avenue. The 3 to 11 shift is coming to work.

7-3 shift

About thirty minutes later the 7 to 3 shift is leaving. The overlap in time is necessary so the shift change takes place on the work floor with no lapse in manufacturing time.

National Electric is one of the few Ambridge companies employing women in production.

Detective The chap on the right with the cigar holds the position of Company Detective. He is there to insure that who goes in and what comes out conform to company wishes.
Cut hands

The bandages on the woman's fingers cover the cuts received from handling metal parts in the assembly process.

Occupational health and safety regulations are sometime in the future.

Photo Credit: John Vachon, January, 1941
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