Every man is the architect of his own fortunes,
but the neighbors superintend the construction.
George Ade, Hand-Made Fables

Jones and Laughlin, a Neighbor

J&L Day

Jones & Laughlin produces iron from coke, limestone, and iron ore and steel from the iron. The plant is in Aliquippa, across the river.

The winds are prevailing westerlies and the smoke, gases, smells, and dirt from the plant pour across the Ohio River and hang over Ambridge and towns to the north.

J&L Night A line of bee-hive coke ovens extends from just left of the picture to the 11th Street bridge. They are a striking sight at night, looking like a string of glowing red beads in the distance. The darkness hides the stifling effluence coming from the burning coal.

Photo Credits:
Arthur Rothstein, June 1938
John Vachon, January, 1941
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