Society acquires new arts and loses old instincts.
Emerson, "Self-Reliance," Essays

Benevolent and Social Clubs

Consider this. The townsite was, in 1900, unpopulated agriculural land. This meant that every adult who lived there came from somewhere else. It would take until roughly 1920 until a native born would reach adulthood. They were all immigrants.

The clubs served nationalities and cultural groups. There was the Moose, Elk, Polish Falcons, the Slovine National Benefit Society, and an assortment of others. They were gathering places and self help organizations. The newly arrived found kinship in these buildings.

The photos are from the old Sokol Club at Duss and Melrose Avenues in 1941

Cards Pinochle is the card game. Bets were small and the games remained friendly.
Pin Ball Better than going home to the wife?
Borough Councilman John Bobby relaxing.

Photo Credits: John Vachon
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