Youth's the season made for joys,
Love is then our duty.
John Gay, The Beggar's Opera

Teen Years


Dance Band

The word "Music" can best describe my high school days. We lived in the age of marching bands, dance bands, bebop, and jazz. There were parades, concerts, shows, and dances.

Kennywood and West View parks brought in the best of the big bands for our dancing and entertainment.

I enjoyed it all. I'm the trombonist on the left edge of the picture. We were playing for a dance in the high school gym. The music was the big band standards with the Glen Miller arrangements being the favorite of both the dancers and musicians. A guess at the year would be 1948.

High School band

The high school band is marching in a summer parade near 11th and Merchant Streets. It is probably the 4th of July, 1948.

Our high school was best known for its football. Coach "Moe" Rubenstein fielded winners in the days when the Western Pennsylvania players were called the finest. The stadium held 10,000 fans and was filled every Friday night. The half-time shows were unofficial band contests.

The mills were a source of summer jobs. I helped load trucks at Wyckoff and tended pipe at Spangs.

As for academics, I hold no records for class attendance and did not give the valedictorian address to my 1949 graduating class.

Photo credit: Family photos
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