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we're not in Kansas anymore.
Noel Langley (Wizard of Oz)

Industrialization Begins

The American Bridge Company (before 1910)

Ambridge 1910

This is the first settlement near the American Bridge Company. Ambridge was, at this point, a "company town." This meant that the people were dependent on the company for their welfare and sustenance. There was no competition for labor ... yet.

Building of the Town (1905)

This is Ambridge from 3rd Street to almost 8th Street (right to left). Future expansion will be northward (left) and into the hills. The Harmonite village of Economy is out of the picture to the left. It will be assimilated as the company town grows.

Lower town

The above photo is a continuation of the first 1905 Ambridge scene. 1st Street is on the right where the housing starts. The large office building to the left of center houses the administrative offices. Park Road runs behind it and 4th Street is to its left

ABC Office

The office building remains unchanged over time. The photo is from the early 1920's.

By 1924, over two thousand people will be employed by the Ambridge plant and the company would control about 90 percent of the nation's structural steel production.

Photo Credits:
All Ambridge photos: Bowan Archives
Office: Centennnial Program

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