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Trolley Lines

Trolley The Pittsburgh and Beaver Street Railway Company, Philadelphia, PA,  placed an advertisement in the Economy Centennial Souvenir Program (June 1924). The text below contains excerpts from this ad. The words and phrases are theirs.

Inaugural Dates

August 18, 1907, the electric street car line was completed Baden to Ambridge, and the first passenger car was run that day.

The Pittsburgh & Beaver Street Railway Company was then under the supertendency of H. Maxwell with S. L. Tone, Pittsburgh, vice president in operating control.

The line, Ambridge to Leetsdale was completed September 6, 1907, and regular passenger service was started the next day.

Street Improvements

With the coming of the street cars,  the roadway through Baden was paved curb to curb as was also Merchant Street, Ambridge, and Beaver Road, Leetsdale. At the same time Merchant Street was improved, Ambridge installed its sewer system. Thus it can be seen that the street cars brought to this section the early essential improvements, foretelling a confidence in the growth of the territory now well justified by the results.

Other Lines

The Pittsburgh & Beaver Street Railway Company lines, while directly meeting the need for inter-city transportation, yet it in addition joins twelve other towns to Ambridge through the line connecting with the Beaver Valley Traction system.

The cars, Baden to Ambridge, were not the first electric cars in this section, for the line between Economy and Ambridge was operated commencing January 1, 1906. This was operated by and known as the French Point Street Railway Company. The line has since been abandoned.

Author's note: By 1929, automobiles competed for traffic with the rail lines. The company folded in 1933 and motor buses of the Beaver Valley Motor Coach Company supplied the public transportation.

Photo credit: Beaver County Trollys
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